Onsite Wedding Coordinator versus Independent Wedding Coordinator


Onsite Wedding Coordinator versus Independent Wedding Coordinator

             With the most popular wedding month approaching us many people are posing the question. Why should I hire a wedding coordinator when the venue has a coordinator?  Well one reason you should hire a coordinator is so that you have someone that has your best interest at hand. The job of a wedding planner is to assist in prioritizing and making sure your wedding goes off without a hitch. A planner provides a variety of services such as creating a theme as well as assists you in various appointments. Planners are there from the beginning of you creating until the last light goes off at the reception. A planner’s responsibility is to provide a stress free environment for the Bride/Groom by taking on the majority of the tasks.

 A venues coordinators responsibility is to provide a date for couple based on venues availability. The coordinator makes sure that the services from that particular venue are executed by on site operations team. The venue coordinators job is also to be a liaison between the venue and the couple. They also draw up a contract and make sure all details are put in contract. In addition they also take payments on the bride/grooms behalf. Their responsibility on their wedding day is to make certain that the site is set up properly. Lastly they work hand in hand with personal coordinator to ensure that the ceremony/reception that the Bride/Groom envisions is implemented with perfection.



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Boho Chic Wedding

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What is a Boho Chic Wedding

A Few Sweet Details!

Hey guys it’s me again Daphne

Recently we have had to change our name from the Last Detail Events due to our clients getting confused with another company with the same name. The new name is “The Wedding Veil Beyond “. You will see me refer to the company from time to time by TWVAB.


The type of people who like Boho Chic weddings are carefree individuals. I like to think this wedding is normally in a natural environment. By no means would this fall under modern or traditional wedding. They like to use the outdoors as their focal point of their wedding as well as their inspiration. It would be considered as unconventional as they come. Normally the couple that chooses to go this route has a carefree spirit and their everyday style tends to mix and match. For instance they will incorporate various wild flowers and other things from our natural environment to give a beautiful earthy look. The couple will incorporate various whimsical things to enhance their theme by adding a chic look to it.

This theme gives the individuals an opportunity to have a personalized wedding. What makes this style so unique is it’s almost impossible for someone to duplicate your wedding. I personally like to think of this look as a Hippie and Indian look infused together. Most Boho brides shop at the flea markets or thrift stores to try to find that particular chic look. Most women as a young child dream of this big day their wedding. The man normally forgoes any ideas they may have to add to this special day to please their partner. Now if you’re someone who is different and prefers a simple but unique look this would be great for you.

This would give you an opportunity to really show your personality through your wedding.

If this is the type of wedding you would like but don’t know where to start.

I will provide you with a few tips to get you started.

Everyone knows next to the vows the bridal dress is the most important part of the wedding so when shopping for it your dress look for something simple and chic. Your next question would probably be like what? Find something simple like a flowing dress in a chiffon, organza or lace without the bedazzling

The bride’s shoes are very plain, sandal and even barefoot.

The head piece should not be made with any man made products. The headpiece should be a wreath made with natural things such as flowers, twine and berries.

The bride’s hairstyle should not be anything perfect or well put together but very messy. It’s almost like you just jumped out of bed. Personally I found the messier to be more fitting for this theme.

When you are in search for a location consider a place that is surrounded by our beautiful nature. For instance choose a gorgeous vineyard, beautiful backyard ranch or a ranch style home to be the most popular. The beauty of having the wedding outdoors is you don’t have to do a lot of decorating because you use the natural scenery to be your decorations.

I hope this information is helpful. If you need any assistance putting this or any other type of wedding together I can help so contact me at 909)529-6287.



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How to set a Budget /Priorities

A Few Sweet Details!

Hey guys it’s me again Daphne from TLDE!

Budget /Priorities

I want to talk about how important it is for the couple to set a budget and establish priorities for spending when planning a wedding.

The first thing the couple needs to do is determine the amount of money they will have available towards the wedding between the two of them after paying their necessities, monthly commitments and putting money into their savings. After determining the amount they need to decide what is important to the both of them by categorizing it by the most important to the least important.

In the past it was the bride’s parent’s responsibility to pay for the entire wedding but today is a different time where either the couple pays for it themselves unless one or both their parents commit to helping. Secondly before you bring the family into the wedding process you need to have the items priced out, as well as the stores these items can be purchased from. Now I don’t want you to confuse these items with those things that will be part of your gift registry, for these items are only for use in the wedding ceremony and reception. Many times the family will either give money or pay for specific items the couple needs. If the family chooses to pay for items the money the couple was going to use themselves towards that item should go directly into their savings.

Nerveless it is important that the couple does not include the money from their parents, or other relatives when setting their budget. They should create a budget solely on what the two of them can afford and any additional money should be considered a bonus. That doesn’t mean that since you have this extra money from your family that you should go crazy and add to your wedding plans. It’s important that you stick with your original plans in order to live comfortably after the wedding.

Also if the family needs to make payments the couple needs to make arrangements with vendors. The following things that need to be covered when making payment arrangements are a specific date they are able to make payments and the date it needs to be paid off.

Lastly since the couple has already budgeted for the wedding it would be great if any additional funds that are received from the wedding the couple put into a savings account to help give them a kick start towards their savings acct.

Until Next Week


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How to choose a Maid of Honor/Best Man

A Few Sweet Details

Hey guys it’s me again Daphne from TLDE! I know its been a while but I’m back!

How to choose a Maid of Honor/Best Man

Today’s blog is short and sweet.

A wedding is one of the most important decisions a couple will make in their life so of course you want it to be special.

In the past the tradition was to have a brother/sister or someone you have known your whole life to stand by their side but many times these people don’t make good choices.

Many brides have used this same method when making that choice and later regret it. They have even lost friendships or caused hostility with a family member behind them not taking care of their responsibilities.

It’s important you keep in mind that a maid of honor is not just someone that fixes your train or holds your flowers at the alter nor is a best man someone that holds the ring. These two people are responsible for assisting the bride/groom with every phase and detail of the couples wedding and assisting them in having their dream wedding.

The most important thing you need to remember when choosing is to stop and think of the responsibilities this person will carry and if they are someone that is qualified to handle this type of pressure.

Until Next Week               Image result for bridesmaids and groomsmen


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Say I do to Mismatch Bridesmaid Dresses

Say I do to Mismatch Bridesmaid Dresses

if you're afraid to choose various shades of a color choose the same color but various styles.

If you’re afraid to choose various shades of a color choose the same color but various styles.

Hey guys its Daphne from The Wedding Veil & Beyond!

Today mismatch bridesmaid dresses have become very popular. Brides are finding this a creative yet personal way to integrate mismatch bridesmaid dresses into their wedding. Most brides would be quick to tell you they would love for their bridesmaids to be all the same sizes but we all know that would be unrealistic. In doing this it allows the bridesmaid to choose something that compliments their style and body type. In addition most brides don’t stop to think about the cost of the bridesmaid’s dresses all they are concerned with is how good their bridal party looks on their special day. I have found with past clients by letting them choose their own dress with bride’s approval it gives them a sense of confidence and relieves a great deal of pressure. They can now walk down the aisle in comfort. In addition, it lets them choose something that they can afford and something that can be utilized outside the wedding.

I found that the best way to incorporate mismatch dresses is to stay within the same line. What does that mean? That means get the same color and the same fabric dress but a different style. Also utilizing the same style dress in different lengths is another way to incorporate today’s trend. This has become the perfect way to tie everything together and make everyone feel they had a part in the decision making and don’t forget it gives them a sense comfort.

It is also OK to go outside of the same fabric but just make sure you choose a dress that has a comparable color scheme to keep the brides theme going.

The key to pulling off successful mismatch bridesmaid dresses is UNIFORMITY!

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Preparing a Thanksgiving Dinner Party in 24 hours

A Few Sweet Details!

Full View of Fall Dinner Party for Ten

Preparing a Thanksgiving Dinner Party in 24 hours

Hey guys it’s me again Daphne from “The Wedding Veil & Beyond”

Wow! It just seems like we just celebrated Thanksgiving and here it comes again.

Are you fighting the fact that you want to plan Thanksgiving dinner at your home this year but you are just ignoring those feelings because you feel there isn’t enough time?

I have to say Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it’s a time when families and close friends that haven’t seen each other for a while get together to fellowship, reflect on old times, eat well and express their gratitude towards God, as well as our family/close friends.

For instance, when our family sits down together at the dinner table before we eat every person takes a turn expressing what they are grateful for and I like it because it gives me a chance to hear what everyone else is grateful for. I find this part of Thanksgiving to be life changing because many times we take things for granted.

Even though Thanksgiving is about family and being grateful, there’s no denying that this holiday can bring a serious amount of anxiety. It becomes stressful for those that are hosting dinner because it’s a lot of work. In addition they end up spending a great deal more money than they had anticipated trying to make sure everything is perfect. Although all of that seems intimidating they truly enjoy bringing the family together. The Wedding Veil and Beyond is here to help with a few key points to assist you in pulling off an elegant thanksgiving dinner party in 24 hours that would bring joy to anyone.

Day before Thanksgiving

  • Decide on the amount of guest you would like to invite
  • Decide on how many family members and how many friends
  • Once you have decided the guest list invite each person ASAP via telephone ( This part of the planning is key)
  • Decide on a budget and stick with it
  • Begin planning your menu
  • Decide on how and what you plan to decorate
  • Make sure you have all your cooking utensils and serving bowls needed
  • Create detailed shopping list (food)
  • Create detailed list (décor)
  • Shop for dinner (start with your meat) the reason you’re starting with your meat is because that will take the majority of your funds. Then you can always modify the rest of the menu if necessary. Also when purchasing ingredients for pies buy extra so you can use for mini pies (favors) for them to take home.
  • Decide on either banquet style or served
  • Create seating plan
  • Clean crystal, china and silverware before you get started cooking
  • Cook as much as you can (you should be able to cook everything but the meat). You want to cook the meat that morning because it will dry out if you cook it the night before.
  • Put your centerpiece together

Thanksgiving Morning

  • Place meat in the oven about 7am
  • Clean up
  • Start revamping your dining area with your Thanksgiving décor

Decoration Centerpiece:

  • 5 Hurricane Vases
  • 5 Glass Inserts
  • 5 Floating candles
  • Bag of orange acrylic beads
  • Bag of pebbles
  • Bag of small pinecones
  • 5 small pumpkins with stem (preferably ceramic but you can use plastic)
  • 1 long fall color leaf garland

Table cards:

  • 5 small pumpkins
  • white card stock
  • 1 spool of twine

Table Runner:

  • white fabric runner


  • 10 mini pie boxes

Complete Table Setting:

  • Brown table cloth
  • White table runner
  • Gold Chargers
  • White china plates
  • Brown napkins
  • Pumpkins (attach name tags  that you created with card stock)to stem.      

Decoration: Can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby or any local craft store

Keep in mind you may already have a lot of this


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What about that icing?

A Few Sweet Details!


Hey guys its Daphne from” The Wedding Veil & Beyond”!

What about that icing?

A wedding cake use to be one of the most elaborate things in the wedding next to the wedding gown. The wedding would be celebrated with a beautifully decorated cake with many layers. This has been that way since the early Victorian days from 1837 to 1901 when Britain’s Queen Victoria reigned as the ruler. However with today’s era many have abandoned the tradition of a wedding cake. Today our society has chosen to go with a dessert such as chocolate fountains, cookies, cupcakes, pies or even a display of several layers of fruit that portrays a cake.

Who would ever think that choosing an icing for your wedding cake would be so difficult? Well it is! Choosing an icing can be a bit overwhelming because you want to make sure you are using the right icing for your cake and ensure that your guest are pleased.

There is whipped cream icing that people that don’t care for sweets tend to gravitate to because it provides the least amount of sugar. Also most people that get this type of cake tend to use a fresh fruit filling such as strawberries which happens to be the most popular filling. I would not advise you to use this if you are contemplating having an outside wedding.

There is also butter cream which happens to be the most popular. Butter cream is a step above whipped cream it is easy to spread, holds its shape and comes in various colors. It’s has been known for making nice roses, and most decorations. Those that have a sweet tooth usually choose this icing. This happens to by my favorite and it provides more of a sweetness and this icing works well with the various fillings. Depending on the climate this icing can be placed outside for a period of time.

Those that are health conscious usually go with royal or whip cream icing. They prefer royal icing because it has absolutely no fat in it. This icing is like candy it becomes hard after you decorate with it. This frosting is extremely flexible and allows you to create something delicate, simple or even a complicated shape.  In addition to this it holds its form very well. Royal icing is used as cake glue that is known for holding fondant together because it dries hard and fast.

Lastly, there is fondant that is considered to also be popular with the brides. Fondant is considered as a type of dough that is rolled out over the cake to cover it. This icing is considered to be the thickest out of them all. Even though fondant is much thicker than the rest, bakers like to use it because it transforms easily into any shape. This icing is referenced as play-doh because it works perfectly when forming bows, figurines and intricate designs.

Is this why our society has chosen to go with more of a simplistic way of serving dessert to their guest? How do you choose the right icing for your wedding?

When making your selection consider flavor, climate, texture and most importantly select the icing that permits your baker to create your particular design.



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