A Few Sweet Details!

Hey guys it’s me again Daphne from TWVAB

A timeline is essential! It is the most important task that needs to be completed for the wedding it provides each task on the wedding schedule a time to start. Without a timeline everything will be disarray . It provides the bride/groom with a list of their events at the wedding and places them in order. The wedding timeline provides the couple and coordinator with a guide to keep the bridal party on track.  Additionally it makes the wedding coordinator’s life much easier by giving her something to follow.  Providing a timeline helps the wedding flow as seamlessly as possible. In addition it relieves stress to all parties involved. In my experience it takes a lot to stress the groom, they normally just let it roll of their back but on the other hand the smallest thing can and will give the bride anxiety. Having this will keep everything from the beginning to the end of the wedding on time. Lets keeps our clients stress level down by providing a timeline.



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