Step Parents

A Few Sweet Details!

Hey guys it’s me again Daphne from TWVAB

Don’t forget the stepparents,

For many brides showing their love to their stepparents is important. Many weddings can make stepparents feel left out not intentionally but it happens. The bride and groom  become so engrossed in the wedding until they forget to include the stepmother and or father. Today their are so many ways to make them feel like they too are part of the wedding. Here are a several ways to include your stepparents for instance the stepfather you can always allow him along with your biological father to walk you down the aisle. In addition its always nice to have the stepparents give a welcome at the wedding.  Include them on the invitation is always a creative way to make them feel part of your big day. The most common way to include your stepparents would be to place them in the same colors as your wedding party. What about placing them in charge of your rehearsal dinner by allowing them to choose the place and time? Including them in your photos or even a special dance would surely make them feel included but I believe the most important thing that would definitely make them feel special would be to have the bride take them with her to pick out your bridal gown. I hope these ideas were helpful but with all that said the most important thing is to remember to include the stepparents because you want them to feel loved too!

Until we meet again






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